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Seller (hereinafter referred to as seller):

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With these general terms and conditions of sale for deliveries, the seller and the buyer agree on the obligations, rights and obligations of mutual cooperation. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the following terms and conditions apply. The buyer’s business conditions are not binding on the seller, even if they have not been explicitly rejected by the seller.

Purchase of a voucher

Ordering on this online store means buying a voucher – the price is with VAT. The purchase of a voucher is considered a turnover – its value cannot be paid in cash. If the buyer is entitled to a VAT deduction, he must first contact the seller – and provide documents from the seller to prove this. In this case, the seller issues an invoice for a voucher without VAT. The voucher is destructible according to the validity stated on the voucher for the amount stated on the voucher for all the company’s products.

Orders and order confirmation

The basis for the buyer’s order is a coordinated offer by the buyer and the seller, a valid mutually agreed price list and the seller’s technical documentation. All orders are forwarded to the seller in writing. Written form is considered if the order is sent by post, fax and e-mail. The buyer’s order must clearly and unambiguously define the item, quantity and desired delivery time, other requirements such as price, payment terms, delivery date are left to the seller. The seller is obliged to send the buyer a confirmation or. refusal of an order with defined conditions under which it is ready to accept the order.


All documentation (quotes, sketches, plans, calculations) remains the property of the seller and must not be reproduced and transmitted to third parties without his or her written consent.


The delivery time is confirmed by the seller upon confirmation of the order and starts running when all conditions (payment, possible technical issues and reservations) are fulfilled. Any changes to the order that the buyer wants after confirming the order must be communicated to the seller in writing. In the event of a request for changes to the product (characteristic, design, additional work) during manufacture, which results in a change in deadlines and price, the seller sends the buyer a new order confirmation with new sales conditions. The buyer is obliged to pick up the goods within 5 working days after receiving the seller’s notice in writing, unless otherwise agreed. After the expiration of the term, the buyer will be charged the storage cost of 0.5% of the selling value of the goods per day. In no event shall the seller be held liable for any consequences resulting from the delay of the goods. Any claims for damages are also not recognized. If there is a delay in delivery for reasons beyond the seller’s control (war, strike, natural disasters, transport disruptions, delays in the seller’s delivery) and the reasons have been communicated to the buyer in writing, the delivery time is extended. The seller sends a new order confirmation with the delivery date.

In the event that the buyer withdraws from the transactions concluded under these general terms and conditions of sale, he is obliged to pay the seller a contractual penalty:


1-15 days after receiving the order 0% of the sale price of the goods,

Up to half of the delivery time 60% of the sale price of the goods,

After half the delivery time, 85% of the sale price of the goods.

Shipping and transportation

The seller sells to the buyer the EXW warehouse of the seller in accordance with Incoterms 2000, unless otherwise agreed. The seller hands over the goods to the buyer when the seller sells the goods to the carrier or. to the freight forwarder.


The prices are understood as the gross prices of the EXW factory plus the statutory VAT. The price does not include customs, any duties, fees, special packaging and transport.

Terms of payment

Payment terms are defined on the order confirmation. In case of late payment by the Client, the Seller has the right to charge interest on late payment according to the valid legislation of the Republic of Slovenia from the date of the payment deadline.

Reservation of title

The seller reserves the right of ownership of the delivered goods to the full payment of the goods. The seller has the right to demand the return of goods on which there is a property reservation in case the buyer fails to settle the obligation. In case of late payment by the buyer, the seller has the right to retain the goods, thus this does not constitute a withdrawal from the contract. The cost of storage is borne by the customer.

Complaint, warranty

The buyer is obliged to make a quantitative and qualitative acceptance immediately upon receipt of the goods. Errors or defects the buyer is obliged to advertise to the seller in writing within eight (8) days. After the deadline, all complaints regarding these deficiencies are excluded. The buyer has the right to claim the warranty claims under the terms and conditions set out in the seller’s warranty card. declare. The seller is not responsible for claims based on incorrect or incorrect claims.

Final Provisions

Relationships not provided for in these terms are subject to the provisions of the Obligations Code. The court in Celje is competent for the settlement of disputes.


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